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Profil Member 2AM

military-service idol - 2AM Changmin (창민)
Full Name           : Lee Changmin (이창민)
Nickname           : Military Idol, Old Idol, Gag-Idol, Mongmin, Pidol
Place/Birthdate: Busan, South Korea/May 1, 1986
Position           : Vocalist
Height                      : 180cm
Weight                      : 72kg
Blood Type           : A
Last Education: Dongah Bangsong University, Vocal Major
Language            : Korean, English
Hobbies           : Computer games
Specialty            : Singing, English, playing piano, singing Trot song, gags
Sibling                      : Only Child

As the one and only idol that has done his military service at the young age, everyone has noticed this powerful singer from ballad group 2AM. He has a unique personality. Funny, witty, fully worked-out body and nice abs plus wonderful vibrato voice when he sings. It’s a total complete package! Because of his wittiness, he casted to become a regular guest for a quiz show called Star Golden Bell on KBS TV. He also a Radio DJ together with Girls’ Generation Sooyoung on Starry Night Radio. Changmin and Jokwon released a track together titled “Graduation” (졸업). He also released a track solo for OST for a film A Dream Comes True (돌멩이의 ) titled “Don’t Swallow” (삼키지마).
Changmin is the only one of oneday member that wasn’t part of oneday’s M.Net Hot Blood Documentary. That’s because Changmin is joining JYPE after that show is done and after he’s done serving his mandatory military service. Many of oneday member got jealous of him because he debuted just in 3 months after being trainee in JYPE. Changmin just have a short time of training, but his skill is really great, that’s why even though his training period is short but he can become a great singer. But Changmin himself said that he wants to being trainee a little bit longer so he can fully prepared to becoming an idol.
Changmin is also known for his skill to sing a Trot (Korean old pop) song. He really loves to sing Park Hyunbin’s “Shabang Shabang”. His 1st appearance with this song is on 2AM’s 1st fanmeeting. On one 2009 Chuseok Special show (Idol Big Show), Changmin is performing this song with Jinwoon while Jokwon and Seulong is performing Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra”. On other 2009 Chuseok Special show called MBC Dance Battle, together with the rest of 2AM, Changmin performs 4minute’s “Hot Issue”. He got so much attention because of his stretching leg on the end of the dance. Lastly, he ever featured on Mario’s song titled “Superman”. Suprisingly, Changmin is really fluent if it’s coming to English. Without any notice, it turns out that he has been living in Canada before, that’s why he really fluent when it comes to English. Changmin, as the only idol that has done his military service said that he still have to go to reserve training in the middle of his activity. So, he ever said, that if when he is missing from 2AM, that means he’s going into reserve training which is highly secret (it’s South Korean’s government secret). Back then, when he still a trainee, his fellow member 2AM said that he used to be fatter and has many moles on his face. He went under training and diet to shaped his body and receive a treatment to eliminate the moles on his face.
2AM was ever interviewed about how’s they’re relationship with 2PM, since 2PM is really big at the moment. Changmin wisely answered:
“AM and PM is having their good and bad side on their own, sometimes we want something but they have it and vice versa.”
And the interviewer asking about what does 2AM wants from 2PM, and what 2PM wants from 2AM. They answered:
Jokwon: “There’s Khun in 2PM, and also Wooyoung. Sometimes they talk really funny. But we have Changmin hyung here…”
Changmin: (interrupted) “If I go to 2PM, that’s the moment that they will face their fail.”
Changmin: “They’re normal now, but in the moment I come to them, they’ll fail.” (laughing)
Seulong: “But I really just one thing.. I really want Taecyeon to stop saying that he wants to become AM.”
Seulong: (joking) “Ok Taecyeon-sshi, please stop.” (laughing)
On 2AM’s mini-drama for song “I was Wrong”, Changmin had a role for a high school student who also a hockey player that likes the same girl with the other 2AM members.

handsome-hairy’s model - 2AM Seulong (슬옹)
Full Name                      : Im Seulong (임슬옹)
Nickname                      : Ong, OngOngSeulong, Ong Ahjibem, Hairy Ong, OngSeulee, Ongie
Place/Birthdate                      : Unknown/May 11, 1987
Position                      : Lead Vocalist
Height                                 : 186cm
Weight                                 : 75kg
Blood Type                      : O
Last Education                      : Daejin University, Material Engineering Major
Language                       : Korean, English, Chinese
Hobbies                      : Singing, shopping, watching movies
Speciality                      : Singing, English, Chinese, playing piano
Sibiling                                 : Older Sister

Well.. He is a hyung, but always got scolded by his dongsaeng, especially the magnae! What a pity.. But it shows that he is a hyung that TOO caring to his dongsaeng. Kinda silent but cute person, and also a charismatic performance when in the stage, that is Seulong’s personality. He’s kinda awkward person at first, but after know him better, he become a really kind person. And even though he has a really tall figure and nice-builded body, he easily got scared by small things like bugs.
Seulong can play piano, and just like Nichkhun, he can play piano while himself or other member sings. Together with Nichkhun, he ever become a model to represent Andre Kim’s new fashions collection and walk on the runway. Because he has a tall proportional posture, and a perfect-builded body and nice abs, he got a perfect posture for a model. But well.. One thing is bad, HE’S HAIRY. There’s a funny story about his 1st meeting with Andre Kim:
AK : “ireumi mwo-e yo?” (what’s your name?)
SO : “ah, choneun Im Seulong imnida.” (oh, my name is Im Seulong)
AK : “ah.. Uhm Jeulyong-sshi?” (oh, mr. Om Jeulyong?)
When we think that he is a quiet person, Seulong is proven that HE IS NOT. He’s proven himself that he can perform the Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” parody together with Jokwon, Chansung, and Taecyeon. On this parody MV, we can see that he’s actually HILLAROUS. Currently, Seulong, together with Jokwon and Jinwoon is a regular casts of MBC We Got Married with Jokwon as the fake married couple with Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-in and Seulong and Jinwoon as the commentator of their life together with the other MCs.
Seulong is said to be a coke lover, and on 2AM’s dorm, the referigetor is filled with coke. The fans of him sometimes giving him coke as present because he really likes this drink. Apparently, Jinwoon is following Seulong’s hobby in drinking coke when Seulong said:
Seulong: “He knows that this drink is bad for your body but he’s drinking anyway..”
Jinwoon: “No I’m not! I’m in the ‘no-coke’ period, you know..”
Seulong’s voice is so high, he can sing a ridiculously high pitch note, that’s why he became 2AM’s lead vocalist. On 2AM’s mini-drama for song “I was Wrong”, Seulong had a role for a high school student who also a motobiker that likes the same girl with the other 2AM members.
Seulong said that he found his dream to become a singer is becase Bae Yongjun (actor). He said when he was a child, he was casted in a CF filming with Bae Yongjun as the lead role. When he was waiting, Bae Yongjun calls him to the car and ask him to sing a Kim Gunmo’s song which really popular at that time. After he sang it, Bae Yongjun told him that he has a great voice and he can be a singer one day. After hearing that from a great person like Bae Yongjun, Seulong start to think to become a singer. And now, he is a singer. But Seulong said that he never Bae Yongjun again even after he has debuted as a singer, then he said if they can meet sometime, he really want to have a conversation with Bae Yongjun and thanked him to help Seulong finding his dream as a singer.

ssanti-king dancer - 2AM Jokwon (조권)
Full Name           : Jo Kwon (조권)
Nickname           : Kwon, Kwonnie, KkabKwon, Ssanti Jokwon, Gain’s Nampyeon (Gain’s Husband), Jo Sobang (Hubbie Jo), Ballaengie, J-Kwon
Place/Birthdate           : Unknown/August 28, 1989
Position           : Leader, Vocalist
Height                      : 173cm
Weight                      : 53kg
Blood Type           : A
Education           : Kyunghee University, Music Major
Language           : Korean, Chinese, Japanese
Hobbies           : Singing, listening to music, playing instrument, watching movies, websurfing
Speciality            : Singing, dancing, Chinese, Japanese, ssanti dance, gags, playing piano
Sibiling                      : Only Child

Ssanti dancer is here! I bet that you all have seen his ssanti dance, right? No one can beat his ssanti-ness! But! Beside the fact that he is the king of ssanti dance, we can’t forget his powerful voice when he sings. 2567 days (7 years and 10 days) of training (Jokwon becoming JYPE’s trainee when he was 11 years old) DOES worth a lot! From that born a FULL OF TALENT Jokwon. he was chosen as last members of Park Jinyoung’s 99% Challenge project along with Wondergirls’ Sunye. Together with Jaebum, Jokwon is one of 2 leaders in oneday. If Jaebum is 2PM’s leader, then Jokwon is 2AM’s leader. Sometime people thinks that he is the magnae of the group, not Jinwoon. But actually, in front of his dongsaeng he can be so mature, that’s the othe side of Jokwon. Jokwon is the only child, and he loves his mother so much!
Recently, Jokwon is featured on Hwantastic Project Vol. 2 together with Whale, he sang the song of Lee Seung Hwan titled “Dunk Shoot”. The MV has been released, in the MV you can see the cute side of Jokwon on this MV. Jokwon is gaining so much attention after he does Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” parody together with Seulong, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and Chansung. Because of his popularity, Jokwon is invited to become a star on several TV show such as :
SBS Find It! Green Gold, with Shindong (SuperJunior), Brian Joo & Kim Hyungjoon (SS501)
MBC Nodaji, as the replacement for Jaebum
SBS Star King, with other 2AM’s member, 2PM, SuperJunior, FT Island, SHINee, Boom, many more
MBC We Got Married Chuseok Special, as Ga-in’s (Brown Eyed Girls) couple
KBS Star Golden Bell, he attends this show oftenly
and several other TV show
For being a permanent guest in the 3 big broadcasting company (KBS, SBS and MBC), Jokwon said that he has “saved” 2AM. Jokwon is really gaining much popularity now, especially from his fake marriage with Ga-in in MBC We Got Married show. Many fans think that they really look good together and they should really start dating for real. Jokwon and Ga-in also had made a song titled “We Fell in Love” and release an MV. And also get 1st place in music programs, just from online single sales (without releasing an album) and without any intense promoting performance. He is hoping that he will also reached top the chart with 2AM’s new single “I can’t Let You Go even if I Die” (죽어도 보내) which is released in January 21, 2010 (which it did, they got 1st place on 7th February 2010 on SBS Inkigayo). Jokwon is featured on May Doni’s song “몰라-ing” together with Jinwoon. Jokwon ever said that he was originally a 2PM’s member until “This Song” (이노래) was released. Park Jinyoung thought that Jokwon’s vocal is really suits to the song. and also, this song with made Jokwon’s vocal that has been trained for 8 years will be really great for the song. Jokwon was diagnosed with H1N1 on October 28, 2009, but he quickly recovered after that. Jokwon is confirmed to be the member of Family Outing Season 2 together with Taecyeon.
On 2AM’s mini-drama for song “I was Wrong”, Jokwon had a role for a high school student who also a DJ that likes the same girl with the other 2AM members.
Back in the trainee days, Junsu and the other members said that Jokwon is almost like the Sajang-nim (director) of the JYPE because he has been trained in such a long time. He even hold a power over the trainee even though that trainee is older than him. Jokwon said that he can predict which trainee will be ditched out from JYPE and which one is not. Jokwon predicts that Junsu will be ditched out from JYPE, but Jokwon wrong. The members said that Junsu is the only one who Jokwon is failed to predict.

cute-little magnae - 2AM Jinwoon (진운)
Full Name           : Jung Jinwoon (정진운)
Nickname           : Smiling Eyes, Magnae, Player, Powerful Jinwoon, Rocker, Jinunah!
Place/Birthdate           : Unknown/May 2, 1991
Position           : Vocalist
Height                      : 185cm
Weight                      : 75kg
Blood Type           : O
Education           : Bae-am High (graduated), Daejin University, Acting Major
Language            : Korean
Hobbies           : Basketball, playing instrument especially guitar
Speciality            : Singing, rap, guitar, bass, drum, piano
Sibiling                      : Older brother

This 2AM magnae is almost same like 2PM’s magnae, Chansung. Tall, handsome, powerful voice, people will ask : “He’s the magnae? I thought it was Jokwon.” But yeah, his attitude towards the hyungs shows that he’s really the 2AM’s and oneday’s magnae, MAGNAE JJANG! Jinwoon has surprisingly nassal voice when he sings, not really like his age. But it makes his voice is recognizable and so special.
Even though he’s the magnae, he is the tallest member of 2AM. Together with Chansung, Taec, and Seulong, they made a tallest member group of oneday. Jinwoon really loves to smile, he’ll smile to whatever, whenever and wherever he wants. Just like Junho’s eyes, his eyes also dissappearing when he smile, so it made his eyes is special. Together with Chansung, the 2 magnae is really like to bullying their hyungs, especially Seulong. Poor Seulong.. Different from his childish cute little brother image under the stage, on the stage Jinwoon can show his charismatic side when singing. Plus with his handsome face, it makes a combo for every fangirl!
Jinwoon has a big interest to music, especially rock music. He can play piano, guitar, drum and bass. when he shows his CD cllection on one TV show, he said :
“This is my CD collection. Besides 2AM’s CD, which is ballad, all the other CD is rock music. Hm.. Seo Taiji, Radiohead, Linkin Park..”
Jinwoon really like to play guitar or drum in the night. Changmin said (whose share room with Jinwoon in the dorm) that this habit of Jinwoon is really annoyed him. Changmin said :
He has a habit, he always plays guitar when the night before bed time. Isn’t it annoying? I can’t sleep because of him!”
Before debut with 2AM, Jinwoon is the member of a rock band on his school. Jinwoon has a dream to make a rock band. Maybe Jinwoon can be the next Jungmo (member of Korean rock band, the TRAX whose can play any instruments, guitar, drum, bass, even he can sings). Jinwoon is also a good rapper, that’s why he featured on May Doni’s song titled “몰라-ing” together with Jokwon. But on this song Jinwoon didn’t sing, but he’s rapping.
Jinwoon seems like a shy person but actually he just like his hyungs, maybe all of oneday boys is same, THEY ARE ALL WEIRD. He just graduated from high school, and he entered an exam for university in the fall of 2009, he said that he wants to take Acting Major. Jinwoon has a close relationship with his mother who really looks just like him.
Jinwoon has a close friend relationship with Nicole from Kara and Key from SHINee. There’s a scandal between Jinwoon, Nicole, Hara and Key. Nicole said that she invited an Idol singer that close to her to go eat together, but he said he can’t since he’ll go eating with his Cordi Nuna. But after sometimes, Nicole found out that that boy isn’t go eating with Cordi Nuna besides with her Kara fellow member, Goo Hara! The 1st suspect from that scandal is Jinwoon, since he refuse it, the 2nd suspect is Key, (since both Jinwoon and Key is close to Nicole). But afterall, it’s not both of them. Then Jinwoon is making news about him and Girls’ Generation’s magnae, Seohyun. He said:
“I like Seohyun so much that I set 2AM’s PC password into ‘Seohyun’.”
Then, on another interview, a reporter ask him about it:
Reporter : Do you really set 2AM’s PC password into Seohyun?
Jinwoon : Yes.
Jokwon : But it changed.
Reporter : Into what?
Jinwoon : SEOHYUN JJANG!! (All Hail Seohyun!!!) *Laughing*
It turns out that Jinwoon is having many scandals, maybe it’s because he’s good looking and he also had many friends. And it seems like Jinwoon is really liked Seohyun because when Seohyun is become a new couple with Jung Yonghwa (CNBlue’s Leader) in a variety show called We Got Married (where Jokwon is being paired with Ga-in), Jinwoon who become a regular MC of the show is saw really dissapointed and showing many fake smiles and also continously stuttered when talking. The other member is teased him, but he just can show his smile. Is it scripted? I don’t know…
Jinwoon was diagnosed with an early case of H1N1, but recovered quickly before the illness took effect.
Now Jinwoon is a regular cast of E! Generation of Maknae Rebellion (아이돌 막내반란시대) together with Yoo Seyoon, Song Seunghyun (FT Island), Shin Dongho (U-Kiss), Yunhwa (T-max) and Shorry J (Mighty Mouth). Watching this show, we can know that Jinwoon turns out to be a little bad and violence boy, but well.. he is still a cute magnae for his hyung. Jinwoon has an acting experience, he was casted for 8eight’s MV, Goodbye My Love (잘가요 내사랑). Jinwoon was casted as a member of a reality show on MBC titled Family Needed Season 3. Currently, Jinwoon made a regular appearance on MBC We Got Married together with Jokwon and Seulong.
Jinwoon said that he has a problem with Wondergirls’ Sunmi. He said he really wants Sunmi to call him “Oppa” since he’s a year older to Sunmi (Sunmi born in 1992 and Jinwoon born in 1991). But Sunmi never did it and she kept calling Jinwoon with “Yah!” (a kind of calling way that means “Hey!” but can only use to people in the same age or younger, not to older people because it’ll consider rude). Because of this, Jinwoon write on 2AM’s 2nd Single Thanks To section that he was born on 1991 and he wants her to call hi oppa, but there’s a typo so the writing become like “Sunmi-yah, I am a 1992-ers!” instead of “Sunmi-yah, I am a 1991-ers!”.
On 2AM’s mini-drama for song “I was Wrong”, Jinwoon had a role for a high school student who also a basketball player that likes the same girl with the other 2AM members.

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